Men have never really been all that eager to attend balls.  In the historial romance novels those of the 'ton' attend them only because they must finally settle down and find themselves a suitable bride.  After a couple of waltzes they generally retire to the card room if one is provided.  These men, however, are not playing cards.  In fact, they appear rather bored or perhaps even depressed.  The women, on the other hand, look a bit unsure of themselves.  Hopefully things work out here.


Remember to click on smaller pictures & also on the cartoon for easier reading.

Remember ballroom dance lessons – either private, or in school where it counted as physical education?



Those lessons didn’t seem to influence the boys.  Dance?  Who me?  I’d rather eat pizza, thanks.


 Relax girls.  Hilda said that Margaret said that Gloria said that those dumb boys are eating pizza in Mrs. Grollman’s room, but they have to come out sometime.  They can’t eat pizza forever.  Besides Margaret said Mr. Wagner is going to look for them.




In Jr. High, height didn’t seem to matter so much.




A little more ‘grown up’ now in jacket and

tie, and I loved our '50s dresses.

Not enough boys?  No problem!

Must be Y.M.C.A.  Cool

I’m not sure what these girls are doing?  But that gal’s black and white dress – in fact her whole ensemble - is élan!

Sadie Hawkins Day dances are always a kick!



Al Capp’s Daisy Mae and Li’l Abner – the

one who wanted to get hitched, and

the one who didn’t.



And Stupifying Jones who worried every

single girl in Dogpatch.

Looks like these poor fellows lost the race and are now paired up and lined up to git hitched.  Face the music bravely, boys.

Ah, but Once Upon A Time . . . 



La Nightingail

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Littel Nell | Reply 25.05.2015 06.54

Those 50s dresses! Such fun to wear I bet. Sadly not for me; the dresses of my youth were mini-skirts!

Nightingail 26.05.2015 17.03

I had both - crinolines in the late '50s, & minis in the '60s, but I wish pantyhose had been around when minis first came out. Garters were a pain with minis!

Alex Daw | Reply 23.05.2015 15.40

This is all a bit over my head (I don't get the Sadie Hawkins references at all - I must have led a sheltered life!) but it all sounds good fun.

Nightingail 24.05.2015 15.36

The cartoon might give you a hint? But yes, Sadie Hawkins was fun - especially since the girls got to do the asking for the date which was unusual in the '50s.

Barb Rogers | Reply 23.05.2015 12.39

I've enjoyed running a few Sadie Hawkins Day programs, on Leap Year Day of course, Feb 29. For elders who have never heard of it, but they were ok with it.

Nightingail 24.05.2015 15.32

Hmm? I would have thought older folks would be the ones to remember who Li'l Abner & Daisy Mae & Sadie Hawkins were? But it's good they enjoyed it anyway.

Susan | Reply 23.05.2015 08.55

I especially love the postcard.

Nightingail 24.05.2015 15.28

If you're referring to the picture of the outdoor dance pavilion (?), yes. And wouldn't it be fun to go dancing there on a summer night in a pretty gown!

Kristin | Reply 23.05.2015 07.53

The last is my favorite. I believe in the prompt the men are sitting around like the women usually did waiting for the women to come in from their brandy.

Nightingail 24.05.2015 15.24

Could be, but the guys don't look very enthusiastic about it in any event. Give me a fellow who loves to dance! Strangely, I didn't marry one, however. Shucks.

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Today | 13:02

I so loved the moving sidewalk and the wooden slide. Such a great place. And we felt safe there. Now not so much.

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I was there last in 2004 & much has changed since the '50s - some for the good, some not so much. I did miss that wonderful old Fun House though, darn it!

Today | 10:43

The sunsets are pretty spectacular too - especially with clouds in the sky. Isn't it funny the most beautiful sunsets & sunrises need clouds to look so lovely?

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I'm lucky to have quite a few 1900 era & older photographs of both my family, and my husband's family as well. One of these days I have to get them into albums!

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