Hello and welcome to my blog . . .

My name is Gail Perlee and I decided it was time to create a blog site where I could tell a few tales and show a few pictures purely for the fun of it and, hopefully, for your enjoyment.

I've had an interesting and challenging life over the years and thought it might make a good story and that's what "LIFE IN THE WILDS OF NORTHERN CA"  is all about.  It's an ongoing story, so keep checking on it. 

There are also additional sections - one called SEPIA SATURDAY which is a section devoted to publishing old photographs in answer to a different and fun challenge each Saturday posed by a couple of folks who decided to create such a unique activity for fellow bloggers.  This is a fun and interesting one you might want to check out for sure.

In the future, of course, I shall probably find other interesting topics to add to my blog, so choose a title from the menu and take a look.  Glad to have you aboard.

Yours Sincerely,
La Nightingail

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Debbie | Reply 07.05.2016 15.00

How fun!

Rockbleeder | Reply 05.01.2014 21.04

I hope to see more post soon. :)

Karen S. | Reply 03.08.2013 09.17

It's always a treat stopping by!

Karen S. | Reply 20.07.2013 20.48

Always so interesting to drop by!

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Today | 03:39

Outdoor weddings are not legal in England. They have to be held under a fixed roof, so a bandstand is ok but not a marquee.

Today | 03:36

Arranging your wedding in 2 weeks must be some kind of record! Weddings still seem to be a big deal, even though most couples already live together.

Yesterday | 10:55

I just read that you can married in a Denny's now in Las Vegas and they're getting married in stores - Macy's etc. i love your favorite wedding picture too.

Yesterday | 08:51

Some lovely photos again, and what a variety! Some enlarged on clicking and some didn’t, but they were all enjoyable.

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